With eight thousand species of plants, including 1782 ones unique to it and 350 plants valuable for bee keeping. Iran ranks fourth in the world in the bee keeping industry. The province of Isfahan , with vast crop fields, fertile farmers , and pristine pastures with medicinal plants in the center of Iranian plateau and near Zagross mountains and warm and wet fields south of Iran , has the privileged position for the migration of honey bees and the production of single flower honey types in all seasons.

Thanks to our production and consumption of knowledge-based herbal medicines and supplement instead of chemical drugs and anti-biotic, we procure pure and natural honey with the highest quality.

Moreover the honey which we are producing, packaging, and controlling the quality of products with the most advanced laboratory and workshop equipment, our other products are including: Royal jelly, Propolis and bee keeping equipment.

Mountain Thyme’s

Royal Jelly

Citrus Aurantium


Chayesh Honey

Bee Keeping Equipment

Mountain thyme’s:

It is nectar from mountain thymes flower from the slopes of mount Damavand and Nahavand with magic properties. It is fragrant and pleasant, balance blood glucose, creates appetite and is nutrient.


Citrus aurantium:

It is nectar from Citrus aurantium flowers with a refreshing fragrance in sparing which has a pleasant flavor and tranquilizing effect, and is suitable for people with balance nature.


Chayesh honey:

(for the improvement of cold)

It is a unique combination of honey for the improvement of infectious diseases and cold, and for controlling spams. It is an anti-cough for chesty and irritating coughs and is good for asthma and allergies.


Special honey:

It is a special combination of different honey with unique taste and pleasant fragrance, and is congenial to the taste of every person.  

Royal Jelly:

Royal jelly is one of the bee products, a functional food and the richest natural food supplement in the world. Hence it is called herbal caviar.

 Royal jelly has all the four nutrient ingredient soft carbohydrates, proteins, lipids and minerals. Also it has vitamins, water, enzymes, natural antibiotics and hormones. Royal jelly can promote general health of body and level of well-being and prevent many diseases. Iranian royal jelly has the highest level of effective and active substance and is at the highest global standard levels


(nature‘s penicillin), the defender of the city


Propolis contains 50%tree resin.30%bees- wax 10% essential fatty acids, 5%bee pollen and 5% organic compounds of vitamins as well as minerals like iron, calcium and copper. The amount and type of Propolis differs with the place and time of harvesting as well as the production method. Propolis is considered disinfectant and strongest natural penicillin which is effective in preventing the entrance of diseases to the hive and their outbreak in them.

Bee Keeping Equipment:

  • Hive
  • Extractor
  • Honey filter
  • Smoker
  • Beekeeping suit