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Arman Tejarat Newsaad is an import-export trading company which is located in Iran and is a member of Newsaad Group companies. International trading and export- import from Iran to other countries is the major activity of this company. Our company’s success is based on the loyalty and reliability that we concentrate on them regarding to our customers.

Our field of business ranges from the importing and exporting of herbs to honey, medicinal plants, date and various non-food consumer goods from all over the world.

We believe that profitability for both parties are essential and our main idea is to provide products with reasonable prices and high quality for our customers. We have an opinion that with these factors, maintaining a fruitful and long-term business relationship is possible.

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Newsaad Group is a combination of companies that operates in different business sectors. We manage wide range of services and our vision is to improve the quality of life of the communities which we serve via our qualified, ambitious and determined human resources.
At Newsaad Group, we are committed to do our responsibilities towards our customers with loyalty, honesty and accuracy.
Our business area activities are including of supplying and distribution of Medical Equipment, International Trading, Conducting of Oil&Gas and Petroleum projects.


We continuously seek for new markets and new opportunities. Our aim is to expand our business by finding and connecting new customers.


It is vital for us that all of our good has the highest quality and satisfy our customers. Our international customers are importers, exporters, wholesalers and procurements companies.


We believe that our company success is based on our customer satisfaction and our loyalty and reliability that we concentrate on them regarding to our customers.

Quality Assurance

Because of quality importance, our main concern is the quality of our products. As you have satisfied customer which quality is the reason, it means you’ll have the huge share of market and this is a power of true trading. So as a raw material supplier, we believe our power is in high quality and customer positive feed-backs.

In this way, we procure and prepare our products in different sectors of our trading from our fields and reliable colleagues. It is worthwhile to mention here, in herbs sector we prepare the organic and natural medicinal plants from our fields. Some of these fields are naturally grew and for the others we plant the necessary herbs and harvest them according to the season. In honey sector, first we have our hives and second we have good connection with beekeepers.

So according to our assurance to our sources and our ability, we definitely speak about quality with high confidence.